Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Blow 2010


  1. I "had" to create a post on my dollcultural blog. With admiration for yr amazing creativity.

    to view the post >


  3. I want to do a shoot in these!

  4. I just put a post on your work!

  5. i want!!! who i do for buy?

  6. Your shoes are amazing! I saw and love all them. I love shoes and I have a site about shoes.

    You're very creative!



  7. These are the hottest shoes I've seen in a VERY, VERY long time. If they were in green (my fave color) I think I'd shoegasm. ((swoon))
    I am so in love with these!

  8. really cool shoes!!
    kinda want them all

  9. Love at first siht. This is exactly what I miss in my life. And what my slave miss:) How can I get these?

  10. Wow, your designs are amazing! As an aspiring shoe designer myself, i can definitely tell that your work is very very creative and imaginative!

    Check out my shoe design blog too? All my designs are hand-drawn also.

    Take care x

  11. I posted your works on my blog. Keep on the extraordinary work! Anyways how can I get those shoes, do you sell it online or?

  12. This is intense! I love it!
    What an amazing idea!

  13. owwww i really want this. how can i?

  14. I'm totally in love with this pair of shoes.
    Is it possible to order them?


  15. with the creation of white paved boulevards in the mid 1800s women wore sturdier footwear. Why?
    Thank you
    Brad Fallon

  16. Love your shoes ... unfortunatly they are not available in Iceland .. I would love to walk around in your design know of a site i can order them from :) ?
    The swan shoes are my fav.
    Brilliant designer <3
    Anna in Reykjavik Iceland

  17. Osam! Speechless!

    Everytime I see the picture I hear voices: "Buy me, wear me"!

    Could you please provide me info for on line shopping?

    Keep drawing

    Thank you

    Elina Zip
    Greece Europe

  18. Where to get?! And please say Denmark!
    I love the green duck!

  19. Love them. If you could make them some in the wearable 2.5 inch height I would consider getting one for kicks.

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  20. are your creations actually wearable and for sale?and where?

  21. I really love these! Keep up the nice work!
    You're going to be immense!
    Greetings from Holland

  22. can somebody tell me how to buy one of these shoes ,especially the one with the bended knees heals?pls plsw ,im really desperate? pls ! this is my THANKS

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  24. Can someone inform where I can buy these "Blow shoes"?

  25. I would also like to know where i can purchase these shoes...who cares how much they cost!!!

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