Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Kobi Levi

Chewing gum 2009

"Two-gether" 2005

Tongue 2005

Twist 2004

Tulip 2003
"man-made" leather & textile

Rocking chair 2003
leather & cork

Androgyne 2002

"Sport elegant" 2001
"man-made" leather

Double boots 2000

Corset boots 1999
Textile & wood

Alluminum B 1998
denim & casted alluminum

Alluminum A 1998
textile & casted alluminum

Market trolley 1998
textile & rubber

Market 1998
"man-made" leather


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  2. Totally mad shoes. I am a barefoot person myself, or flats, but these are truly works of art although "tulip" looks as if it could cause serious damage to the instep. But art is art.

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  5. The gum ones are my favorite. So clever!!

  6. I love your footwear!!! http://shoespot.co.uk/think-out-of-the-box-with-kobi-levi/

    Hope you like it,


  7. Diferente, fresco, genial, atractivo, loco... inexplicablemente original... me encanto el "Androgyne 2002"

  8. Please tell us you're working on getting a few of these out for sale. I would LOVE to get my hands on those chewing gum shoes....

  9. I think you have women all over the world waiting to find out how we can each buy a pair or two. I know art can be a unique, one-time expression but it'd be great to see pairs of your shoes on the pavement.

  10. Nice work Kobi - if you are ever interested in selling your product on our site - launches Spring 2011 - let me know..
    Aaron D

  11. Kobi, you are absolutely amazing and I am happy for you that you are getting so much media attention with the chewing gum high heels.

  12. fantastic..but i have been searching for photos of people wearing them to see how they work..could you oblige please?

  13. Where can I buy one of these here in Brazil?
    I want one!

  14. these are so quirky and cute : )

  15. Hi there,
    I featured your work on my blog.
    Hope it's okay. Let me know if it's not.

    Regards from Holland!

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  17. Very imaginative designs, great work!

  18. omg! i looooove this chewing gum! really cool designs!

  19. hello

    Can you give me the prizes of the shoes and where I can find a shop in Belgium ?
    Thank you

  20. Fantastic!!!
    Is there any chance to get me one of these?

  21. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

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  22. you are my new design hero :)

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  24. Luuuurve your designs. Keep them coming

  25. I really like.

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  29. they are gorgeous! Any retail shop in singapore? or are you even selling these shoes? Interested in Tongue/ Alluminum B

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  32. Fantastic!!! I love love love the 'Chewing Gum' ones!!!!

  33. Kobi, these are breathtaking!! I LOVE them!! WOW!! Are they for sale?

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  34. Hey, your work is amazing! Congratulations!!! I love them all, but my very favorite is that chewing gum shoe!!! J'adore!!!

  35. Fantastic....
    The product of a unique mind
    My fave has to be the doubleboots - people wont know whether you're coming or going *smile*

  36. ...I Forgot to mention that I intend featuring your products on my blog.
    Do let me know if you have any objections.

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  38. i think i love you
    my deepest respect for you and your work

  39. Absolutely can't believe you're work!
    in fact i had seen 3 or four of the pieces before but never knew they were all by the same person!

    it just shows when you are still getting posts this long after!

  40. Your shoe designs are lovely. My favorite is the red padded chair. I'm also Israeli, and it makes me proud to see that this country could bring out such a innovative and internationally acclaimed designer.

  41. Oh yeah! I've seen your shoes on shoeblog.com! I love the bubblegum one. These are all so much fun!


  42. The chewing gum pair is simply outstanding - it challenges the mind to figure out what the he* is going on! Absolutely fantastic!

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  46. SWEDEN NEEDS THOSE SHOES!! Where....can...i....buy....them??????

  47. loved all
    I want the Chewing gum 2009


  48. Fantastic collection!
    I am really crazy to purchase it. Where I can buy these.

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  49. I would love so much to buy a pair of your incredibly creative shoes! I especially love "Gum" and "Market Trolley", but all your designs are inspiring. I hope you are able to find a way to produce them for wider consumption! Keep up the beautiful artwork!

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  53. where can we buy these in belgium?

  54. Wow, how can i order a pair please?

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  56. I really want the sling-shot heels, how can I buy them?

  57. I want to buy ALL the styles. Just looking at them brings a smile. Love, love, love them.

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  59. How do u order a pair of shoes?

  60. Theses shoes are the coolest things ever! You should make a pair of one that are like gears. Because I'm steampunk and that wold be super cool

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  62. |Love your work!!! what a amenzing imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  68. How do I get my hands on a pair of the chewing gum shoes!! I've been wanting a pair for a while now and just saw Whoopi Goldberg wearing them on The View!!

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  70. anything for mens? LOl.. Girls get to wear all the designs.. I have a site on portable dvd player reviews

  71. Your designs are great! How can I buy your shoes in UK?


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  74. Hi, where ca I buy chewing-gum shoes? I love it!

  75. Where can I buy those chewing Gum shoes!? They are amzaing

  76. I LOVE The Chewing Gum Shoes! Is There Any Way To Get Them In America???

  77. Great advice! Especially when it comes to silhouette.
    I notice in quite a few (so-called well dressed people) the lines of the apparel are not in harmony with the shape of the shoe.

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  88. all are beautiful and stunning OMG

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